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You can do it! by Meteor-Arts You can do it! by Meteor-Arts
This took forever ;-;


Meteor: How long are they gonna be? I've been waiting for ages..
Twilight: Apple Jack and Rarity just take a while, that's all
RD: Why am I even here Twi?
Twilight: I don't even know, Meteor is refusing to say.
AJ: Howdy y'all!
RD: Took you long enough, were's Rarity?
AJ: Getting her mane done. What are we here for?
Meteor: Just catch up for now, I'll tell you when Rarity is here!

*a while later*

Rarity: I'm here!
AJ: Took you long enough
RD: Talking about yourself much?
Meteor: Can we sit around the table? This might take a while..
Pinkie: Sure! *bounces over to the table*
AJ: How old is she?
Flutters: 10 years older than the last time we saw her..
RD: Guess someone doesn't wanna grow up

*they get to the table*

Twilight: What did you want us for sweetie?
Meteor: It's about Everliegh
RD: Has she made friends?
Meteor: No chance, if she did have friends then they would hate her by now
Rarity: Nothing can be that bad darling~
Meteor: Ever since I've became a princess Everliegh's been really mean. She won't talk to me and shot me out of the sky after saying she wished I was never born
Flutters: That's harsh, has Armour helped?
Meteor: Whenever she can..
???: Grrr
Meteor: I need Everliegh to be banished from Equestria..
Rarity: How do we do that? We don't have the elements anymore!
Twilight: We can't. Meteor, if it comes to it then you need to get the elements to their new owners. It's the only way
Meteor: But mom..
Twilight: So far we only know that you have the element of magic. We know nothing about the others
RD, AJ, Pinkie, Flutters, Twilight and Rarity: Good luck
Meteor: Thanks, I'll do my best *goes over to were the elements are hidden*
Twilight: We need a catch up!

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ooReiko Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Student Artist
cute =) 
Meteor-Arts Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! Right now I'm trying to draw in my own mlp style instead of using bases though :)
ooReiko Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Student Artist
:):) :huggle: :):) you very welcome my friend :):) :hug: :):) ooh what style is it :)?
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November 12, 2017
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